Torquer Zine is a publication based out of Pomona, California that is dedicated to the documentation of the underground in its rawest form strictly on 35mm film and 8mm tape. The zine was created by Ruben Preciado in 2018 and is currently on its third installment.

''Ruben has a keen eye for documenting up and coming youth culture as well as fully developed scenes of the underground. This includes punk, skateboarding and graffiti. In these pages you will find analog photography, art, reviews, music recommendations, and so much more- as well as a compilation of VHS and internet content. Captured through his lenses is a striking mixed media collage unique to his own style. Having captured some of the most interesting groups and people in Southern California, Ruben has also traveled extensively overseas and has documented all of it. Though youthful and colorful, Torquer does not ignore the grittier sides of things. Through his dedication to keeping it as real as possible, you can see the full spectrum of joy to pain through his work. He does not turn a blind eye to homelessness, addiction and other downsides of youth cultures. What is evident throughout Torquer, is the passion for Documenting everything that’s worth seeing. Open up the pages or press play on one of his VHS compilations and take a dive into the interesting world that Ruben Preciado has surrounded himself with.''

-Abe Garcia